Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Best Cape Town Backpackers and Hostels.

National Gallery of South Africa with statue of
Field Marshal Smuts in the forefront.
Backpacking through Africa, can be a very exciting experience. One the best organised countries when it comes to backpacking is South Africa. The most popular city for backpackers in South Africa is Cape Town.

Cape Town, a treasure trove of natural beauty and diversity. This city has got everything, from first world grandeur to third world poverty. It has got the sophistication of Europe mixed with the vibrancy of Africa. So be prepared for a life changing experience.

There are many accommodation options when it comes to visiting Cape Town. There are many hostels (or backpackers as it is called locally) in and around Cape Town and the surrounding towns located in the famed Cape Winelands. There are also many fantastic quality hotels at extremely favourable prices.

Cape Town has got many interesting attractions including the Waterfront, the Cape Town Castle and also the gateway to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spend 27 years in jail.

Search for great accommodation in Cape Town 

 Please see below some photo of some of the attractions.

Statue of Cecil John Rhodes pointing to
North Africa.
National Library of South Africa (1818) with
Statue of Sir George Grey in front. 

Tuynhuys - Official Cape Town office of the
President of South Africa.

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