Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Carrbridge, a Unique BackPackers Destination in the Scottish Highlands.

Old Pack Horse Bridge
Sign at bridge detailing the History.
I recently visited the village Carrbridge, in the Scottish Highlands. This village has got a rich history and is very much tourist focused. I enjoyed visiting the main attraction in the village namely the Old Pack Horse Bridge, built in 1717 and badly damaged in 1829. This damage is still evident today as the bridge was never repaired. See below some of the photo's I've taken during my whirlwind travels through the Highlands.

Carrbridge Hotel
There are some great accommodation all over the Highlands, but I particularly liked the Carrbridge Hotel.

Another view of Old Pack Horse Bridge
Scenery around Carrbridge
Signposts in Carrbridge
Scenery around Carrbridge
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