Monday, 8 September 2014

London Backpackers and Hostel Accommodation

London Backpackers and Hostels are still up there in quality, if you are looking for budget accommodation in the British capital. The main aim when it comes to backpacking, is to see the world and NOT spend an arm and a leg on expensive accommodation. London can be quite an expensive destination, but if you do your planning right and you know of all the things you can do in London for free, then those hard earned Pounds, Dollars  or Yens can be stretched quite far!

I've put the following summary together of links that you can use, to assist you when you are planning a trip to London:

  1. Search and book affordable London Hotel Accommodation or
  2. Search and book a great hostel in London on Hostelworld. or
  3. Search and book a great hostel in London on Hostelbookers.
  4. Plan your London Itinerary by first focusing on free attractions as well as on events happening while you will be visiting London.
  5. Add to your Itinerary the sites that you want to visit that will cost you money. Look at purchasing a London Pass if you want to visit a lot of the sites. It is quite costly +- £49.00 for an Adult pass, but it is worthwhile and cost effective if you want to go to a lot of sites.
  6. Ensure you have got all the details available on how the London Travel system  works. (Tube, Train etc.) The following site can be used to shop for cheap rail ticket across the UK.
  7. For entertainment, you should include an outing to one of London's many theaters. You can book discount tickets in advance at

London is also a good hub from where you can start a backpacking trip to continental Europe. One of the best options when you are a first time backpacker and you want to see Europe without the worry of missing trains, planes etc. is to book a trip on the Busabout "Hop-on - Hop off" network. Busabout is geared for  independent travelers from 18 to 80!

I've visited London many times. The fusion of cultures in this world metropolis refreshes one with every visit. I must however confess, I do prefer to experience England in London. The Imperial buildings from the days of Empire really makes London. The days when London was the capital of a great empire is still visible in the city today. The parks are great. The Transport, especially the Underground system is efficient and clean and the locals are friendly (from whatever culture they may be!)

See below some of the photos I took during my last trip to London.
St Pauls Cathedral viewed from South bank of River Thames.
Statue of General Smuts close to Houses of
Shakespeare's Globe Theater. 

London's Transport System - Waterloo Station Platform

Great War Memorial

View of the River Thames

South Africa House on Trafalgar Square
Tallest Building in London
The Shard.

Tower Bridge

Trafalgar Square

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