Monday, 21 April 2014

My visit to the Rocks on Paarl Mountain in South Africa.

View of  Gordon's Rock on Paarl Mountain, South Africa
This has been one of the greatest sites I've ever visited on the planet. This hidden gem of nature. It is an absolute must for any nature-traveler to visit the glorious granite rocks of Paarl. Charles Darwin visited these rocks on the 4th of June 1836 during his Beagle expedition and he must have been as amazed as I, seeing these products of nature. Walking on these remnants of volcanic activity just re-affirms how great this world of ours is and what great wonders there are, all around us. It also showed me how great it is to travel and to discover and experience these wonders.

There are three massive granite rock outcrops on the Paarl Mountain, namely Bretagne Rock, Paarl Rock and Gordon's Rock. The biggest rock accessible to the public is Bretagne Rock. It has a chain running up to the top, to assist us normal folk in ascending this jewel of South Africa. The chain was added to the rock in 1925 to assist the then Prince of Wales, Edward to ascend it.
See Below more photos of this beautiful location.

Bretagne Rock from below.
Another view of Bretagne Rock.
Gordon's and Bretagne Rocks from Paarl Rock.

Bolder on Paarl Rock.

One of the views from Paarl Rock.

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