Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Accommodation in Luxor, Egypt.

Nile Cruise - Image Copyright TheSpecialist
Visiting the ancient land of Egypt, has been my dream since very young. I've managed to realize my dream twice already, visiting this country on two occasions. Once during a stop over flight on Egypt Air and once on a fully fledged tour that included a Nile Cruise. One of the key cities when visiting Egypt is the city of Luxor. Luxor (Ancient Thebes) has got many attractions including the following:

Valley of the Kings - Image Copyright Wikimedia 

The most important aspect when travelling to Egypt, is to ensure that you are booked into a 4 or 5 star hotel as the ratings in Egypt are not a 100% guarantee of quality. This is even more important if you are a backpacker in Egypt. You don't want to pick up a tummy bug as a result of bad hotel quality. It is important to keep healthy when travelling in Egypt. The good news, staying in Luxor, is that there are ample quality hotels, as well as, pharmacies and hospitals in case you do need help

Temple of Karnak - Image Copyright Wikimedia

However, you are probably reading this post to know more about Luxor and its accommodation options.

  • You can visit the following page Egyptian Travel Tips and Advice to learn more about Egypt as a tourist destination. This page has also got links to the United States and United Kingdom Travel Advisories providing updates on the latest security situation in Egypt.
  • To see great Hotel options in Luxor you can visit the Luxor Hotels page.

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