Monday, 5 May 2014

Best Budget Accommodation in Geneva, Switzerland.

If you are going to backpack in Europe, then there is a good chance that you will have to travel through Switzerland. One of the best cities to stay in Switzerland is Geneva. I visited this city a couple of years ago, just as the city was in the full throws of the Festival for the Animals("Fete des Animaux"), to collect money for the local SPCA. We had an an absolute surreal experience in this very influential European city. The weather was beautiful and we were treated to the most fantastic animal displays on the lake. It really made us miss our pets at home. There were a lot of life saving demonstrations with huge black dogs, bringing guys "drowning" to safety on the shore. We were also treated to parades around the lake by various groups, which looked to be representing the various Cantons of Switzerland.

Every year there are various festivals in Geneva, with the big one in 2014, the Fêtes de Genève from 17 July to 10 August 2014.

City Hostel Geneva

City Hostel Geneva

So you might say, ok, all good and well to share some of the festivals of this beautiful city, but where is the cheapest and best place to stay, in this very expensive city (Rated +- 4th most expensive in the world in 2011). The one thing that makes Switzerland stand out from the rest of Europe, is how clean and sterile everything is. This is also true of the City Hostel Geneva. We stayed there during our visit to the city and this was really one of the best places we stayed in during our travels in Europe. All the amenities are top notch and the staff were very friendly. You can read more about the hostel as well as directions to it at the following link City Hostel Geneva.

City Hostel Geneva
You can also search for other Geneva accommodation as there are a lot of hotels in the city that does offer great specials from time to time.

This city has got a lot of warmth for visitors. We felt right at home.

See below some images from Geneva.
View of Geneva with the Jet d'Eau in the top left corner.
Image Copyright Wikimedia Commons

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